Facebook Login Api Key

Follow the below steps to create a Facebook App and generate App ID & App Secret.

  • Go to the Facebook for Developers page and login with your Facebook account.
  • At the right corner of the top navigation bar, click the My Apps link and select Add New App.
    • Enter the Display Name and Contact Email.
    • Click the Create App ID button.
    • The new App will be created and redirected to the Facebook App Dashboard.
  • Navigate to the Settings » Basic page.
    • In App Domains field, specify the domain name of your website playtubevideo.com
    • In Privacy Policy URL field, specify the privacy policy web page URL for login dialog https://www.playtubevideo.com/privacy
    • Select the Category of your App.
    • Click the Save Changes button.
  • At the left navigation menu panel, click the PRODUCTS(+) link and navigate to the Add a Product page.
    • Select Facebook Login product and click the Set Up.
    • Select Web as the App platform.
    • Enter the Site URL https://www.playtubevideo.com
    • Click the Save button.
  • Navigate to the Facebook Login » Settings page.
    • Go to the Client OAuth Settings section. In the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field, specify the Redirect URL of your OAuth application https://www.playtubevideo.com.
    • Click the Save Changes.
  • Change App Status:
    • By default, the App will be In Development mode. To change the App status in Live, click the toggle switch at the top header.
    • On click the Status On/OFF switch, a confirmation dialog will appear. Confirm to make your app public.

Navigate to the Settings » Basic page, copy the App ID and App Secret. This App ID and App secret are required to access the Facebook APIs.

Note that: You need to specify the App ID and App secret in the script when calling the Facebook API. Also, the URL specified in Valid OAuth Redirect URIs must be matched with the Redirect URL specified in the script.

Permissions to Get User Profile Data

The default and email permissions are approved by default and do not require App Review.

The default permission grants your app to access the default fields of a user’s public profile.

  • id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • middle_name
  • name
  • name_format
  • picture
  • short_name

The email permission grants your app to access a user’s primary email address.

  • email

Go to the App Review » My Permissions and Features page to know about the Approved Permissions of your Facebook App.



You only need the App ID and App Secret to integrate Facebook Login in the web application.